Staying Up to Date with Technology

surrender flagAnyone else overwhelmed by all the new event technology emerging? It seems every time I open a new industry mag or check out a blog, I'm seeing a new company that's popping up. And how would a meeting planner ever sort through all that noise to find something interesting? Here are a few tips for staying on top of technology and not feeling like it's taking over your life.

I'm sure your inbox is full of companies asking you to sit through a demo of their product. I know it's hard, but I absolutely think these demos are worth fitting into your schedule. It's important that you hear from the company - learn about the features, why it was created and what problems it solves. You'll also start to understand the trends more and know what each company offers in comparison to their competition. This is VERY important, so definitely carve out the time.

Thankfully, a lot of our industry publications and blogs are covering this. In your down time, read these articles and get a sense for what products you see popping up all over the place. Some have big marketing budgets, but others are showing themselves successful with other planners.

Don't wait for your clients to tell you to try it. Remember that article I wrote - How to Outpace Your Clients with Technology Adoption. It's important to dust off your old events and add something new. You'll never really know how something works until you try it out yourself!

There's no way you could ever try every product out there so be sure to watch the influencers in the industry. What products do they use and love? Influencers are like giant funnels - they take in a lot of information and only spit out the really good stuff - saving you a lot of vetting time!

To stay up-to-date with technology, read  The Power of Aggregators - Human or Otherwise and  The Value (and Limits) of Technology for Meeting Planning.

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