12 Days of Christmastide: On the Eighth Day of Planning an LA Holiday Soiree...

Parking SignWhen it comes to Los Angeles restaurants and other LA venues, valet is an absolute. However if you are renting a Los Angeles conference center, banquet hall or other private residence, adding valet service is a great way to make a good impression while keeping the congestion down on private streets. A courteous valet can also set the tone of your evening.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for this service. First, if you are having a small number of cars, set up your contract on a per car basis. If you are expecting a larger number of cars, it is best to set up your service with more valets on an hourly rate and guarantee a certain number of cars.

Either way, don't let your service understaff you. Nothing is worse than having your guests waiting in the street for their cars. There should be two people to every 50 cars.

One easy way to spot a bad valet company - ask them what their arrangements are for parking permits and lots in the area. It is standard that your valet company makes arrangements for a lot or permits for specific streets in order to park your guests' cars. Be sure to ask the parking location if you are throwing your party at a Los Angeles conference center, banquet hall or other private residence.

Here are some great valet companies in Los Angeles:
Valet of the Dolls
Premiere Valet Service
Pyramid Parking

Throwing your soiree at a restaurant? You will need to decide if you will be hosting the valet or if it will be a cash valet. Either way, it is a great idea to work out a discount for a certain number of cars.

There are some really fun themed valet companies these days, choose one that fits your LA event. Also, in order to remain competitive, valet companies usually have several uniform options; be sure to choose a festive one or even buy holiday hats for them! You can even give them a phrase to greet your guests with - it's all in the details!

Cvent Planner Insider Tip: Remember that most of your guests are arriving with more than one person. It's best to assume that there will be just over half the amount of cars to guests.
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