12 Days of Christmastide: On the Fourth Day of Planning an LA Holiday Soiree...

ServerThere are several staffing options for your gathering, and the decision greatly depends on the Los Angeles conference center, restaurant or other opulent venue chosen. For instance, if your gathering is at a private residence, you may not need security. And if your event is at a restaurant or hotel, you will not need to hire a cleaning crew or service staff. 

However, if your holiday party is at a gallery or other Los Angeles conference facility that you need to transform, you will need to consider hiring event staff including: Servers/Tray Passers, Bartenders/Barbacks, Roaming Security/Front Door Manager, and Cleaning Crew.

Plenty of conference centers and other special event venues include staff. But if not, here are a few of my favorite special event staffing companies:
The Party Staff
Argyle Event Staffing
Pacwest Security Services

Check back tomorrow for event rental suggestions for your holiday soiree!

Cvent Planner Insider Tip: Remember to make your support staff an extension of your event. They usually have several uniform options, so utilize these to set the mood and theme of your LA event.
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