Social Sharing is on the Rise

share content with conference apps Imagine having the power to reach hundreds of people through just one person. Mobile apps from CrowdCompass have that power. We've all seen how fast a video can go viral on YouTube, or how a certain cause can catch the attention of thousands of people through Facebook. Social media takes word-of-mouth to another level--and it can do the same for your events, conferences, and tradeshows.

Conference apps from CrowdCompass make it easy for your attendees to share content, their opinions, and their overall experience through social media. It's faster. It's effective. And it's a lot more meaningful when it comes from your peers and the people you trust. As of December 2011, 64 million smartphone owners in the US accessed social networking sites or blogs through their mobile devices. 38.5 million used mobile apps directly for social networking. The most popular social media site is Facebook with more than 57 million mobile users in August of 2011 (up 50%); 13.4 million used Twitter (up 75%); and 5.5 million used LinkedIn (up 69%).

Because social sharing is on the rise, we created My Compass--the event industry's first real-time activity feed. Now your attendees have a simpler and faster way to share their event experience with their entire network.  And because CrowdCompass apps give attendees the tools to generate content for you across the platforms people use every day, they can turn your single event into a lasting success.



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