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Terri Hardin is a veteran media professional reporting on the meetings and events industry, having held senior positions at Successful Meetings and MeetingNews, and is known as "Meetings Diva" to the social network that has grown around the industry. 

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

Don't Let Your Attendees Look Back in Hanger

You're never to old to learn new things. I was reading a news story about an 87-year-old woman allegedly biting an airline attendant when I came across the word "hangry." The word was included in the sentence without benefit of parenthesis, as if I should know it. And, given the context, I more

Countdown to the September 2015 Elite Meeting Alliance!

It's getting down to the wire for planners wishing to attend the September 20-22, 2015 Elite Meetings Alliance (EMA) at La Cantera Resort Hill Country Resort.  This event, which is hosted by Elite Meetings International (part of Cvent), is attended by top meeting and incentive planners. It is more

Top 50 Destinations: What Gives the Meetings Industry Wings?

Cvent just released its 2015 list of the Top 50 U.S. Meeting Destinations, with Orlando, Vegas, and Chicago once again jockeying for meeting supremacy. (This year belongs to Orlando, which regained the top spot it lost in 2013.) Cvent's list is based on activity that was tracked from July 2014 more

Cvent Hosts Hackathon for DC High School Students

On August 1, Cvent hosted DCHacks, the Capital area's premier high school hackathon and the largest of its kind on the east coast. For those not in the know, a hackathon is an event in which groups involved in soft- and hardware development collaborate intensively. There are many such events more

Free Content Analyzer Can Tell You What's Behind the Words

For those of us who have ever wondered about the meaning behind the words in our emails, we can now relax. There's an app for that. The IBM Watson Personality Insights service uses 100 words or more (not less) to measure the top five personality dimensions - agreeableness, conscientiousness, more

Beat the Heat with Sydney's Un-Summer Savings

As our Australian cousins keep reminding us, "It's not summer Down Under!" Right now, when Sydney's temperatures are in the mild 60s (F), it's the time to find savings. Check these out: Planners confirming a meeting or event at the 570-room Hilton Sydney before 31 August 2015 can choose one more

Millennials: We GET You! (Infographic)

  One of the most important speeches I ever heard was about how each generation perceives the world. In the case of Boomers such as myself, we couldn't wait to leave our parents' homes to strike out on our own. So when, in some cases, the children of Boomers preferred to live at home, many of more

Cvent CONNECT Chronicles: How to Pack Like a Master

Heading out to Cvent CONNECT? We're going to help you pack. Follow these simple rules and you will feel like a master conference traveler. Know what you're dressing for: Professional Sessions - This should be the no-brainer--you dress this way for a living, right? But sometimes we can second more

World Rugby Cup Is UK's Country Wide

This September, the UK will be hosting the 2015 World Rugby Cup. (For those who don't know, Rugby football, the rougher-and-tumblier form of soccer from which American-style gridiron derives, originated in the 19th century; to the uninitiated, the most telltale difference is the lack of helmets more

Top 100: The Ones that Matter

When it comes to meetings, it's no surprise that tourism magnets like Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, New York, Boston, and others have synergy to attract groups. But what about second-tier cities? Cvent's list of Top 100 U.S. Meeting Hotels uncovered three stand-alone venues that are making it more
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