It's Really My Pleasure to Introduce the New Cvent Destination Guide

DGLast week, Cvent debuted the latest edition of its Destination Guide website. And suddenly, a lot of dreams came true.

For me, there was definitely more to love. In the past year, I've been intensely involved in creating the best, most incredibly useful content for meeting planners who search the Cvent Destination Guide. Key cities have been expanded and revised, and fledgling meeting destinations are getting opportunities to shine. There are now 6,000 pages of in-depth research on more than 600 destinations worldwide. Are we gonna stop there? No way! We plan to achieve 1,000 destinations OR MORE by the end of 2012.

For hotels, CVBs and other venues and service providers, the sleek, modernized interface of the Cvent Destination Guide is now more tightly linked to the Cvent Supplier Network, which is the world’s largest free online meetings marketplace. This provides meeting and event planners with the ability to seamlessly navigate between the two resources, and give suppliers additional opportunities to showcase their destinations to qualified meeting planners.

But what I think is really important about the new Cvent Destination Guide is that we've made it easier than ever for meeting planners to discover the best destination for their next event.

And it's still totally free.

I could go on and on, but I just want to make one more point: the Cvent Destination Guide and the Cvent Supplier Network are created by people who really care about the customer experience. We want you to have the best meeting experience possible. If a destination is not meeting your expectations, just find the following link at the bottom of the page:


and tell us what you think. Or drop me a line at thardin(at)cvent(dot)com


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