Mobile Wrap Up: 3 Case Histories

crowdcompassThis month, our colleagues over at CrowdCompass shared three diverse case histories that demonstrate how versatile mobile app technology—and CrowdCompass—can be:

  • For Courtney Young, Digital & Social Media Specialist at the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, this was the second time her organization was using a CrowdCompass mobile app. The experience yielded a goldmine of data. Plus: “It was really exciting this year. Everyone was talking about the app and using the QR code to download it."
  • Lorraine Petrie, Public Relations Assistant for One Lambda Inc., enjoyed having 100% control of the content at any time: “I didn’t need to ask CrowdCompass to update anything. I loved the flexibility and how instant everything was—a click of the button and it was immediately changed in the app.”
  • Christopher Young, Assistant Director at the DECA International Career Development Conference had a short window for getting his app up and running for the 16,000-person conference. “CrowdCompass practically worked overnight to get us what we needed to submit it to the App Store.” Even with the quick turnaround, the event had 9,000 downloads.

Read more about these exciting case histories and other opportunities on the CrowdCompass blog


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