Web Survey Wrap Up: Being of (Customer) Service

web surveyWhen it comes to customer service, there are two schools of thought: Nature, or nurture. As in, are you naturally gifted in courtesy, or do you need a course?

In Cvent's Web Survey blog, Sherrie Mersdorf looks at this from both sides. In celebration of "Be Kind to Humankind Week," Mersdorf lists 27 Ways to Always Deliver Excellent Customer Service Experiences, which not only create an atmosphere of service, but of good vibes. In 5 Things Apple's Training Manual Can Teach us About Happy Customer Experiences, she examines the challenges of frontline service providers. 

Of course, from the customers' POV, whether service providers are naturally courteous or have had it drilled into them is immaterial. Customers just want GOOD service. How we, as service providers, arrive at that, is our challenge.

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