10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food & Beverage

CatererBelow are 10 tips to help you pare down food & beverage costs at your next meeting. Many are seemingly obvious but make a significant impact if bargained correctly.

Your sales and/or event manager can help steer you in the right direction for the respective hotel with whom you're working. Start by contracting the very minimum with the sales managers, then rest assured knowing that you can always add items later with the event team.

1. Order on consumption
2. Use house-branded wines and drinks
3. Try for a waived Bartender Fee by bargaining with a larger food & beverage minimum
4. Avoid packages and buffets - order bulk breakfasts and boxed lunches
5. Use a strict agenda to prevent guests from grazing and therefore consuming more
6. Find out what other groups are also meeting in the hotel at the sime time and request some of their menu items and/or ingredients
7. Have a plated dinner instead of a buffet - they're often cheaper
8. If your meeting spans over a few days, offer up a "lunch on your own" option
9. Host a heavy hors d'oeuvres reception in place of dinner
10. Skip dessert or stick to the basics
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