10 Ways to Transform a Boring Ballroom

BallroomNothing makes me more sad in my workplace than a social event that lacks flair, one that depends solely on hotel linens and the existing patterned ballroom carpet and wall molding. I often walk into these spaces prior to the event and wonder if the planner had any idea what can be done to a ballroom?

Budgets aside, ballrooms can be magically transformed. Even the ugliest of carpets, airwalls and lighting can be dramatically altered and/or covered.

When you're selecting the venue, ignore the existing set ups and decor. Let your imagination run wild and ask for a recommendation or two on rental companies. To get you started, I've listed a few items and ways that the traditional ballroom can be your personal blank event palate:

1. Pipe and drape: Exactly how it sounds, drapes hang from pipes that are installed near the ceiling to cover the walls. Pick from a variety of colors, depending on the rental company
2. Banquette seating: Similar to a couch, banquette's are half-moon shaped seating areas with high backs
3. Clear-top tables with decor beneath: Choose from flat or 3D. The 3D tables can fit items such as soccer balls or floral arrangements beneath the glass
4. Interactive centerpieces: Maybe a chocolate fountain or a small board game
5. Fake fireplaces with surrounding lounge seating: Great if you're going for a club-like style
6. Plank floor covering: Cover up unwanted patterned carpets
7. Chavari chairs: No, you don't have to use the hotel's chairs! These are most common for weddings and Mitzvahs
8. Fast-Fold screens: as opposed to tripod or cradle screens, these are more appealing to the eye and blend into their surroundings
9. Creative table shapes: The letter "S" can be created for a staggard seating look, conducive to socializing.
10. Fountains, fake trees, and patio furniture: For an outdoor illusion
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