3 Great Icebreakers to Kick Off a Successful Meeting

IcebreakerThe start of a meeting can be tense and somewhat daunting for a group of adult professionals who barely know each other but are brought together for a common goal or purpose. An icebreaker is a sensible and effective way to facilitate productivity and comfort for the duration of the meeting.

Regardless of how childish these quick games may seem, it's a smart investment of your time. From personal experience, I can vouch for the effectiveness of the below 3 icebreakers:

Guess Who?

Distribute a blank notecard to each participant. Each participant should write an interesting fact about him or herself on the notecard, fold it, and dump it into a hat. One by one each participant draws a notecard out of the hat and reads the fact aloud. The group then guests to whom the fact or experience belongs.

Skittles & Favorites
Each participant takes a handful of skittles. Prior to handing out the skittles, decide which color belongs to which "favorite" and display the key at the front of the room. For example, purple skittles might represent favorite movies, red might represent favorite sport, yellow might represent favorite band or music. Divide the group into even teams. One by one, each team member tells the team about all his/her favorites according to the skittle colors in his/her collection. This is a quick and simple way for people to get to know one another!

This icebreaker works great for a group of unfamiliar faces. Distribute a blank notecard to each participant and ask him or her to describe three details about him or herself. Next, everyone stands up and chooses a starting partner. Each couple is to shake hands and introduce themselves using the three details on their respective notecards. When done, the partners are to exchange notecards, switch partners, and introduce the person they last met. Eventually, each participant is introducing people they haven't met, pointing them out to others, and trying to distinguish one person from another. Speaking from experience, it's quite the tangled web of introductions and rather entertaining!
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