3 Reasons to Know Your Group History

I'm sure you've all been asked the following two questions upon submitting an initial RFP request: "Is this a first-time program?" and "Where have you held this event in the past?" Certainly the hotel has several objectives internally when asking these questions, but did you realize that this historical knowledge also holds several benefits to you as the planner?

First off, providing this information will benefit you in future contract negotiations. If you haven't a clue what your sleeping room pickup was at your last hotel or how many bottles of wine were consumed at your last reception, your next contract will be subject to stricter attrition and food & beverage requirements.

Secondly, keeping record of your numbers will help you increase the accuracy in future planning and lend to a more successful event than running blind without history. These numbers can be especially important when modifying the dynamic of a future program. Knowing what has and hasn't worked, which geographic locations produced higher or lower attendance, and where you might have room to shave off the budget or add more will all be beneficial facts in the long run. Many would agree that past performance predicts future success.

Lastly, given the state of the economy and tightened budgets, many companies have cancelled and postponed meeting plans in the past 2+ years. If your company falls into that category with intentions of hosting the event again someday, the process will be simplified if your historical records have been well-kept.
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