3 Reasons Why You Should Provide Feedback to Hotel Venues

SurveyMany of you have received an email within a few days of completing your event or signing a contract with a hotel requesting your feedback in the form of a survey. I cannot stress enough the importance of your input. These surveys are not overlooked. In fact, they play an enormous role in our service committment to you as a planner and to your guests.

The responses are taken very seriously. However, many of these surveys are sent to your trash cans immediately. In an effort to convince you not to do that, let me tell you three reasons why your responses can benefit YOUR next meeting:

1. Surveys with strong positive feedback are often shared with the Executive Committee in the hotel. When they see an outstanding survey cross their desks, they take note of who filled it out. Next time this group decides to book an event at the hotel (assuming that positive feedback correlates with a repeat commitment to the hotel), the executives will go out of their way to recognize the group as VIP.

2. Conversely, surveys with negative feedback are considered opportunities for the hotel to improve. If the hotel isn't aware of where the breakdowns occurred or why the service wasn't up to par with your expectations, they want to know how they improve for your next experience with them. This is especially important when you know you'll be returning to the hotel. If a thermostat in a ballroom is broken or your coffee break ran out of regular coffee, you better believe that won't happen next time - but only if you vocalize your concern.

3. If you had a great experience with your Event Manager and would like to work with her/him in the future, the survey is the way to communicate this information. You are more likely to be paired with the individual of your choice if you've taken the time to note this in the comments section of your survey.
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