3 Secrets to a Perfectly Powerful Meeting

What are the ingredients of a perfectly powerful meeting? You may argue that many small variables contribute to the ultimate "power" of the meeting, from your correspondence with your Event Manager, to menu upgrades, to flawless audio/visual to hot, fresh meals.

But what makes your meeting powerful? How do you keep your message lingering in the minds of your attendees indefinitely?

Don't sweat the small stuff. Coming from someone who works at a hotel and is aware of what variables we venues can and can't control for you, here are 3 powerful tools that are 100% in your control:

Captive Audio-Visual. Use movie clips, photos, and training videos to supplement the agenda and strike emotional cords to motivate and inspire.

Influential Guest Speakers.
Hire some high-profile individual (s) to help mold minds and further develop your message.

Inspiring materials. Put your message in writing by utilizing a token of a takeaway, such as a notepad, mouse pad, water bottle, or DVD.

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