3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Meeting Green

GreenGreen meetings are a continually evolving force. The majority of my "big name" clients are contracting their events with green clauses, requesting accurate compliance.

The fine print can be complex, though. While most hotel chains offer an environmentally sound program of sorts, not all are as thorough as their customers wish them to be.

Outside of a contractual agreement, a few simple green requests can go a long way. Don't feel like it's necessary to dig around for a clause just to save a couple of trees. More than likely, your Catering Services or Event Manager will partner with you to achieve a smaller environmental footprint. Here are three basic ways to keep your meeting green!

  1. Nix those paper cups from your coffee breaks! You'll find that most coffee break set-ups offer the convenience of both glass mugs and paper to-go cups. Ask to have the paper cups removed and you shall receive!
  2. Ask about the standard meeting set-up and remove the pads. Most standard meeting sets offer pads or sheets of paper at each table setting. If you don't need them, don't use them! It's a very simple request to ask for them to be removed. One more tree, saved.
  3. Shut down the power. More than likely you'll have an hour lunch break from your meeting. Ask your attendees to shut down their laptops, turn off the projectors and other audio-visual equipment and the lights. Make energy conservation YOUR responsibility.

To learn more about corporate social responsibility (CSR), read Southwest Laundry Service Is Making Desert Hotels Green and Are You Educating Attendees on Corporate Social Responsibility?

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