3 Ways to Pick a Venue that Will Please Your Business Travelers

In an ongoing climate of economic uncertainty, business travelers are working harder than ever. Finding hotel environments that will keep them happy and make them even more productive should be the aim of every travel planner.

Consider these 3 amenities in your venue search to maximize productivity and set the stage for an ideal work environment:

Pick a hotel with a workplace desk in the sleeping rooms. Marriott hotels pioneered this concept, and most hotel chains have followed suit. Ideally, the rooms will have a swivel desk so that workers may connect their laptops to the television for optimum viewing. Internet connections, ergonomically correct chairs, and an ample supply of power outlets are also key. 

A good night's rest. Westin hotels showed us the way with its "Heavenly Bed." A comfortable bed is conducive to a sleep-filled night, which translates to a productive following business day.

Communal areas, such as lobby's and concierge lounges. These are conducive to short meetings and a comfortable place to communicate. During coffee breaks, lunch hours or even in between meetings, it's important that your travelers have a public space available to them that is both comfortable and accessible. Whether it's to connect their laptops to respond to emails, to share a quick conversation with a client or recap with fellow executives about the previous breakout session, they will appreciate the opportunity and availability to do so.

Look for these and other amenities on the Cvent Supplier Network to book your next business travel venue.

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