5 Factors that Affect Your Meeting Room Set-Up

During the initial planning stages of a corporate meeting, you may not know exactly how your meeting room needs to be set-up. Maybe you aren't sure how many attendees will show and how the agenda will affect what the room needs to look like. Sure, there are the basic set-ups that you can choose from: schoolroom, conference, crescent rounds, u-shape, hollow square, rounds, exhibit style, etc. However, there are several factors to take into consideration that will affect the layout of your room. This is especially important during the initial planning phase (even before a contract is signed) because you want to ensure that the chosen venue can offer you ample meeting space based on these needs.

Here are 5 factors that can affect your room set-up:

Audio-Visual Equipment is the variable that is most important when contemplating your room set-up. Should you need a screen and a projector in your room, the projector needs to be placed a certain distance from the screen and your attendees need to be placed in a way that is conducive for viewing.

Food & Beverage will affect your set-up particularly if you want the items to be placed inside your meeting room. Often times these items are in the foyer to avoid interruptions by the banquet staff in replenishing, breaking down, and setting up and also to allow your guests a change of scenery when breaking for coffee and lunches.

Head Tables and/or Reviewer Tables are sometimes needed and take up quite a bit of space in a room. Maybe you're having a training session and need meeting-minutes taken or observers to be present. Where will they sit?

Activity or Breakout Sessions are common inside the meeting space. Choose a set-up that will allow for these sessions to take place inside the room, if applicable.

Displays need to be taken into consideration if your launching a new product or will be demonstrating the use of a product during your meeting. This eats up space in the room and should be taken into consideration.
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