Be on the Last-Minute Lookout

After weeks or event months of planning a corporate meeting or event, the smallest of details can slip through the cracks when you least expect it. Especially after signing the Banquet Event Order, finalizing your rooming list and sending off your materials, you may feel that your hands are wiped clean of planning and everything is taken care of from that point on. This is often the case. It's also the last few days prior to your start date when the most change might be happening on the hotel front.

I advise you to take a few last-minute precautionary steps just before your meetings begin. While they might seem tedious and unnecessary, your double-checking could prevent a small blunder from exploding into an irreversible, large one.
Let me start by advising you to contact your Event Manager to compare rooming lists and check on the hotel's occupancy levels. If they are near a sell-out, stress the impact that walking a guest could have on your meeting. What if your guest speaker was flown across the country only to discover that his room no longer available and he would be placed at a hotel across the city instead? Is your speaker going to be as bright and bubbly the first day of meetings as expected? Probably not. Anticipate the possibility and communicate your concern, if applicable.

Also with your manager, review any special dietary requests to ensure proper ingredients are readily available at the hotel. For example, maybe you have several vegan doctors attending a health conference and they only drink Soy Milk. Better safe than sorry.
Lastly, I reccommend you re-confirm your meeting space needs and locations to ensure that your rooms haven't been moved. From a business perspective, hotels are constantly re-arranging the location of group meetings to maximize occupancy and revenue potential. This strategy may effect your group. Double check this to ensure that any materials you have printed will still match the room names provided to you.
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