Best Kept Secrets of the Heartland

midwestLet's say you're arranging your next sales meeting for a select group of individuals from company xyz that has sales managers scattered throughout the Midwest. You are to pick one central meeting spot, contract a venue and sleeping accommodations.

Everyone immediately thinks of Chicago.

But today I challenge you to think outside the box. What about Brookfield, Wisconsin, with its proximity to Milwaukee; or Rapid City, South Dakota, home to the famous Mount Rushmore? Or how about Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Branson, Missouri, with their newly appointed convention centers? Lincoln, Nebraska? Its steady economy and world-class healthcare facilities make it a superb meeting spot.

These cities may have the equivalent ability to meet your needs and even save you a few bucks in the long run. Trade in the fast, popular pace of common cities for Midwestern ideals and go home with a successful meeting to prove it.  
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