Book the Off-Season and Save!

Four SeasonsIt is safe to say that the majority of U.S. hotels are priced seasonally. Varying by location, of course, every city has an "off-season" during which savings are prime for the picking.

Why not take advantage of these dramatic shifts in pricing and schedule your meetings accordingly? Due to the low demand during these times, hoteliers are more willing to negotiate room rates and special concessions. Furthermore, consider it an opportune time to "wow" your attendees by spending more money in other areas of your event budget, such as menu items, receptions and off-site activities. It goes without saying that airfare prices are also discounted during the off-seasons.

Take a look at the five featured cities below that experience seasonal business sensitivity and note their respective "off-seasons." Use it to your advantage!

New York City: November through March

Dallas: June through September

Denver: Spring and Fall

Orlando: November through March

Washington, DC: Late August through September, Thanksgiving through March
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