Connecting Business Men & Women Around the World

It's difficult for many reasons to arrange a meeting in a central and accessible location that connects business men and women from around the world. Strict travel budgets may prevent some of the attendees from joining along with last-minute local emergencies and business needs in general. How often would you have perfect attendance? Probably never. A joint meeting is challenging in nature, but there are many ways to gain participation without physical presence at the meeting.

Host a Video Conference. More and more hotels are offering video conferencing. Albeit expensive, it's the most thorough and effective way to host all your participants in "one room" - some virtual and some in real physical presence. As for the hotels that do not have a conference room dedicated to and equipped for video conferencing, these services may be outsourced to outside Audio Visual companies. The set-up will cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the size and complexity of your meeting.

Tape your Meeting. For lack of a better, more modern term, taping your meeting is an effective way to pass the details on to participants who weren't able to join in person. Make sure you pick a venue based upon the ambience and quietness of the room - sound is crucial. Specifically, try to avoid rooms with airwalls. This increases the chances of a meeting, party, or gathering being held in the room next door which reduces the sound quality.

Open up a Webex Meeting. If your company has a Webex provider, take advantage. What you'll need from a venue is a steady Internet connection (preferably wired) and either a  Polycom phone or Telos services. While neither the Polycom nor the Telos have the ability to connect directly to online Webex, you all may follow the same presentation in real time, hold discussions and Q & A's. Some hotels have their own Webex providers, so don't fret if your company lacks the service.

Which services do you use?

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