Connecting People and Meetings Everywhere with Telepresence

More and more of my hotel properties are participating with the latest in meeting technology: TelePresence. Developed by Cisco, TelePresence facilitates "virtual" meetings and discussions for colleagues and clients alike. Similar to a conference call, participants can dial in and enjoy face-to-face collaboration using a TV screen.

From state to state and country to country, up to 48 locations can be linked. More and more hotels are offering TelePresence capabilities for those consumers who have a temporary interest in the product. Maybe several key players in an organization require a week-long meeting but also need sporadic input from other parties - TelePresence can help them do this. This innovation lends to such flexibility, especially when facial expressions are crucial.

According to Cisco, "TelePresence powers the new way of working, where everyone, everywhere can be more productive through face-to-face collaboration. Welcome to your future, in the office and on the road." That pretty much sums up the benefits of this revolutionary mobile device! Consider it for your next meeting - I know many of my clients are.
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