Ease Stress at Meetings with Chair Massages

Chair MassageMy office recently underwent a dramatic system change that altered the way we do business. Unfortunately, it wasn't as successful as the innovators had hoped.

As a result, stress and tension levels were running high, so our General Manager decided to implement "spa breaks" throughout the day. She arranged for two local masseuses to provide 15-minute chair massages in our conference room, which was transformed into a dark spa-like zone complete with soft music and candles. The timeslots were filled in five minutes flat and the massages were a hit, to say the least. So I got to thinking how successful this concept could be in the meeting place.

For spa-less resorts and venues, such chair massages can be contracted out by a third party in the area. Our masseuses came from a local wellness center, but it appears that several spas and fitness centers are also willing to provide this service. Massages could be offered during coffee breaks, lunch hours, or free time during a rigorous meeting day. This is an excellent way to show your attendees gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the task at hand. Not to mention further benefits such as melting stress and boosting morale!

These services are typically offered at an hourly rate and per chair. Quotes vary from vendor to vendor, and I noticed that some offer packages as well. Judging by the abundance of providers, I would recommend shopping around - there are deals to be had so put your best negotiation skills to use and book yourself a traveling spa for luxury on a budget!
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