Energizing a Week-Long Program

Five days in a row (or more!) of straight meetings are tough. Especially when your attendees have traveled far and wide from their families, homes, lives, and daily routines to be surrounded by work, 24/7. The often monotonous meeting routine for five days in a row would be far more productive if you, the meeting planner, take a few extra steps to spice up the long stretch. Here are a couple of ideas to get you going!

Change the Set-Up daily
This idea can be tricky depending on your audio-visual needs, among others. However, if the content of your meeting is conducive to a variety of set-ups, this will help refresh the atmosphere for your attendees every day. They will be forced to find new seats in the room next to new coworkers, or maybe pick a spot toward the front of the room instead of the back. Pick from hollow square, U-shape, round tables, schoolroom, crescent rounds, or create your own!

Incorporate a theme
Pick a theme for each day of the meetings and incorporate activities, menu items, or even video clips to maintain each day's choice.

Avoid repeating menu items
From breakfast to coffee breaks to lunch and back to coffee breaks, it's easy to lose the interest of your attendee's taste buds. Offer flavored coffees, different snacks on your breaks each day, and vastly different lunch menus each day. The breaks serve as an opportunity to re-energize your audience, so you'll want to ensure they have something to look forward to and will return to the meeting satisfied and motivated to continue on throughout each day.

Send personalized, daily amenities
Make your attendees feel right at home by conducting some pre-conference investigations of sorts. Dig into their preferences (preferably without them knowing) and have a daily amenity delivered to their hotel room. For example, maybe Susie CEO is used to hot tea on a nightly basis and Joe CFO likes to unwide with Sports Illustrated magazine.
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