Marriott International Named Among Best Green Companies in the UK

Marriott's committment in the UK (among other countries) to environmental protection was recognized over the weekend in the Sunday Times when it was named the seventh most green company in the UK. Of the top 60 companies listed, Marriott was the only hotel chain to make the cut.

The environmental accomplishments by Marriott in the United Kingdom were headed by three certifications, the first being the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary. With this certification, Marriott has greened 10 golf courses in the country, which is defined by protecting wildlife habitats, demonstrating effectiveness in water quality management and reducing chemical use. The second of the certifications is the Carbon Trust Standard, which Marriott has earned by reducing emissions and greenhouse gases collectively by 7.3 percent. Lastly, Marriott has earned the Green Tourism certification, which measures overall energy, water and waste efficiency.

In summary, Marriott's impressive ranking in this list out validates the choice to pick one of them for your next green-inspired meeting in the United Kingdom. Find one in your destination of choice on the Cvent Supplier Network.
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