Planner Tips: Planning Your Destination Meeting

checklistYou’re about to start scouting out the perfect destination for your next company meeting. But while the destination itself is the most fundamental, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration to completely execute a well-rounded experience for your guests and fulfill their ultimate mission during the meeting.

Attendee Profile. When sighting or researching potential destinations, consider whether the average attendee will be accompanied by a spouse, children, or both. Ensure that activities are planned appropriately for these guests while the attendee is in meetings or sessions. It’s also your responsibility to take a look at the costs of amenities in and around the resort and match that to your attendee’s income levels or desired spend. The last thing you want to do deter attendees from participation due to exponential family travel costs.

Welcome Amenities or Gifts. Welcome each guest to the featured destination with a themed gift or amenity highlighting local flare. This will generate excitement and stimulate their interest in the destination you have picked.

Off-Site Adventures. Plan at least one off-site activity that is a “must-do” in this particular destination. Maybe it’s a guided snorkeling tour, line-dancing at a local ranch, or a dinner cruise with sparkling views of the city at night.

Community Involvement. In the spirit of giving back, find out what program (s) your host hotel participates in that would allow its guests to also partake. If the hotel’s involvement is limited, reach out to the community and find an hour of time when your guests can donate their services to the local area. Combine this with an offsite adventure and you’ve also got yourself a teambuilding activity!

Cuisine. Seemingly a no-brainer, feed your guests indigenous cuisine! Work with your catering services manager to customize all of your banquet meals. Many venues even have pre-existing menus featuring local eats and treats.

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