Planning Meetings Across Time Zones

In some point in your career as a Meeting Planner, or perhaps regularly in your career, the responsibility will fall on you to arrange a meeting across time zones. Whether it be a conference call, video conference, Webex training or the synchronization of two events at the same time, there are many tools to help you in doing so.

One particular tool that I like to use in the World Clock Meeting Planner. In a few simple steps, you'll be able to identify a common time during which to hold your meeting. First, pick the date. Then, select up to four different cities followed by the "show timetable" button. 

A color-coded timetable will populate, allowing you to locate a mutually acceptable time for your meeting to be held! Each color will represent a different time of day in each zone, for example: pink is normal sleeping hours, and green represents the first half of the day (Monday - Friday) when most people are at work.

Want more? 
Click here to find a simple tool for calculating meeting space.

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