Qualifying Your Business to the Meeting Venue

When you're in the early stages of planning your function as you search the perfect venue, has the sales manager qualified your business? This is a common term in the hotel world for asking the meeting planner the purpose of the event, what they hope to achieve, what they will be using the space for and what amenities they will require in the room.

Posing these questions prior to producing a contract or agreement benefits not only the venue, but your function. It may seem intrusive or nosey, but if your group is not properly qualified, you run the risk of having limited options in the rented space during your actual event.

Let's say you've hired a 4-person band for an evening dinner event and there is a wedding ceremony taking place in the room next door. There was no mention of the band in the contracting phase because your business wasn't qualified, and now the hotel is telling you that the band isn't allowed in the room out of respect for the adjacent ceremony. You are legally responsible for the business to the hotel but cannot carry out your function in the manner you had hoped. Now what are you going to do?

Let the salesperson qualify your business. Give them an idea of what will be going on in the room so the success of your event isn't hindered by limitations.
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