Budgeting: Raising the Bar with Sponsorships

brought to you by our sponsorA favorite client of mine worked with me this year on a spin to her biannual industry reception with bar sponsorships. She's always looking for ways to get her competitive set of exhibitors involved beyond their booth displays, and this proved to be the magic ticket. 

With a host-bar scenario, this particular sponsorship was a wild success. The exhibitor provided monogrammed cups, napkins, koozies, logo'ed T-shirts for the bartenders, reading material at all of the cocktail rounds and logo'ed bottle waters. As the hotel, we worked with the sponsor to set up special billing separate from the master group account, and special ordered liquors, wines, beers and champagnes to their preference.

It was a win-win situation for my client and her exhibitor. My client saved some money on bar costs, and the exhibitor was able to gain some valuable exposure at an industry event.

Now that my sponsorship wheels are spinning, I've begun thinking of several ways to involve them beyond the bar. What about sponsored coffee breaks with logo'ed napkins, paper cups, stir sticks and bottled waters? Could this be done with boxed lunches? What about themed desserts at a gala? Have a better idea? Share them with us!

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