Simple Solutions to Simple Questions

Question: I am presenting at a conference but am concerned that I won't be able to see the screen since I'll be facing the audience, how can I ensure I'll be able to easily view the presentation so my speaking is in sync?
Answer: request a confidence monitor! This is typically a small plasma television screen that is lowered to the height of your stage or platform and faces only you. You can view the exact presentation that you audience is viewing without consistently twisting your neck to the side. The screen can even be draped or "hidden" so your audience barely notices it's there!

Question: My company would like to host a reception in celebration of a new client. We want to have a bar and offer drinks to our employees, but don't anticipate much being consumed. Do I need to pay for an open bar?
Answer: No. Arrange to have a host bar instead! This is known as a more economical option because you will only be charged for what is actually consumed. The bartender will even keep track for you!

Question: A hollow-square set-up usually works best for my monthly team meeting. However, this year, we'll be having a slide show presentation and want the executives at the top of the square to be able to view the presentation, how should I adjust the room set-up?
Answer: A U-shape is the perfect solution. This eliminates a table at the top of square, allowing for easy viewing for all your attendees!


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