Site Selection and the Needs of the Modern Business Traveler

ComputerI recently took a consumer behavior-oriented training class during which I gathered some useful information for the modern day meeting planner. When it comes to selecting the perfect venue and setting for your meeting, you consider many factors: price, square footage, menus, location and accessibility, to name a few. But are these qualities that your business guests would consider?

During my class, we put ourselves in the shoes of the common business traveler and brainstormed what's important to us based on our individual contributions to any given meeting. We concluded that the profile of this traveler needs products and services that help them perform their best. They are always working, always connected, and always on the go. They are driven and determined to meet goals and deadlines. They want to feel at home in their surroundings and have access to the same conveniences they may have in their home or office.

With this in mind, seek to understand the needs of this modern business person. Look beyond the grandiose events, board meetings and coffee breaks and consider hotels that can offer your guests a setting in which they can fulfill their potential. You can help them do this by picking a hotel that has:

• Several areas conducive to networking
• A social cocktail setting
• Wi-Fi accessible lobby, guest rooms and common areas
• 24 hour room service
• Dining outlets that cater to more than one type of meal (e.g. a deli in addition to a full service restaurant and bar)
• Lounge seating that is private
• Healthy menu options and an on-site fitness center
• Comfortable bedding

Although these variables are simple, think about how these little details can help your attendees achieve the qualities personified above. Take care of them and they will, in turn, take care of your business.
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