Small Event Check-in Made Easy with Namebadges to Go

namebadge caseTonight marked the start of a week of meetings for a large research corporation staying at my hotel. Although the participants will be rooming at our location, they've traveled far and wide to attend specialized trainings at their company's corporate meeting venue.

The meeting organizer arrived from the airport just in time for the welcome reception (hosted in our ballroom) with nothing but a purse and a box. She perched herself at a nearby credenza in our foyer outside the ballroom, took the lid off the box and displayed what was the most organized collection of 20 namebadges that I have ever seen! "I'm ready for my participants!" she said. It was, by far, the quickest registration set-up that I have witnessed to date.

The disposable caddy holding her namebadges displayed each one in a visible, upright position allowing for individuals to easily identify their names. The planner had traveled across the country with this container in tow, but knew that the badges were securely in alphabetical place. All she had to do was remove the lid and voila! Namebadge pick-up at its finest.

This efficient solution is perfect for meetings on the small side (less than 40 people, I would suggest). It can be yours, too with PC Nametag.

How do you make YOUR small meetings more efficient?
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