10 Uses for a Tent

tentIt's an open-air dance floor shielded from mother nature, it's a ballroom in your backyard, it's an elegant dining venue at the top of a building, and sometimes its venue of its own in an otherwise barren space. Tents can transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary one, and here are ten ways to make it happen:

1. The Tent is the decoration, not just a guard from impending weather. Try a majestic blue tent splattered with gold stars on a magical evening. Hide every pole and beam with beautiful drapery, chandeliers, flowers and twinkle lights.

2. The Tent is waterfront property. Did you find a perfect view for your wedding but no venue to go with it? Tent it!

3. The Tent is outside, and feels outside, but blocks the unwanted outside qualities like summer heat and irritating bugs. Arrange for a clear tent to do achieve the above goals with zipper sidings, air circulators and no holes for unwanted friends to creep in. All the while enjoying the outdoor scenery!

4. Tent the walkway
. From the driveway to the church, the beginning of the red carpet to the end, or anyplace where the rain would potentially ruin a door-to-door transfer.

5. Tent on top. Some of the most beautiful urban rooftops are the most difficult for event design. Design your own restaurant on top of the world with promising views and promising structure.

6. A Tent is a ballroom. I said it before, I'll say it again. Can't find the perfect ballroom? Build your own! In your backyard, in a field, in a parking lot...

7. The Tent as an alternate. Albeit expensive, tenting is a great last-minute resort for impending weather on an outdoor patio.

8. Tent your ceremony for a contained, intimate wedding in an otherwise open location where voices can't be easily heard and the wind might carry your updo higher than anticipated.

9. Tent to stall. What better way to slow down the foot traffic at a landmark event than to tent the grand entryway? The tented portion may offer registration support, restrooms, and a red carpet ambience as a headway to the grand event.

10. A Tent is a kitchen in many outdoor scenarios. Host your event outdoors without having to struggle with finding a nearby kitchen for prepwork and cooking. Tent your chefs and your catered delicacies.
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