The 411 on Your Meeting: What's Important to You?

Event DecisionsMany hotel companies and venues pride themselves on service excellence and maintaining customer relationships - they rely on these elements to be successful. But beyond these components, they depend on information from you for sparks to fly. 

What I wanted to touch on today is the importance of sharing information about your program or meeting with these respective venues and why it can help you be successful, too. By "information," I mean, what is critical to the success of your meeting? What factors will make or break whether or not your boss is happy with the outcome? What issues or situations must you avoid?

What may come off as prying for information is a simple pursuit of understanding your piece of business. If the venue knows from the get-go what is most important to your meeting, you'll both save time trying to find the perfect fit and will also receive a rewarding service experience when the event is executed. Not to mention, this information can be recorded and communicated to all participating parties (i.e. banquet staff, event managers, credit managers, etc.) and ultimately used to your benefit.

For example, if you've stressed to your sales manager the importance of privacy to the success of your meeting, precautionary steps will be taken to ensure that mum's the word and all information is correctly protected internally. Or, what if you're hosting an event for a potential new client and want to win them over with your choice of venue? Venue's and staff can help you do this! Just remember, without the information, there is only so much they can do.

Moral of this post is, don't be blinded by the seemingly sales-oriented questions that are asked during the initial planning phases of an event. Providing the answers will benefit you in the long run!
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