The "E" In Event Is Also In "Team"

handsLet's be honest: None of us can produce an event on our own. We all rely on teamwork to work toward the success of event. I don't know many individuals who can operate a DJ booth, decorate a venue, plan the menu, tend bar, serve the food and clean up afterwards. The experts in each department dedicate the necessary time and effort to achieve their individual goals in order for the ultimate end-goal to be achieved.

A team can fall apart as just as easily as it can come together, so make sure to keep in mind 5 simple teamwork tips to keep your team intact:

  • Say thank you. A short "thank you" goes a long way. Handwritten and it "goes" longer. Return the favor and you're set for good.
  • Maintain your connections. Keep in touch. A short note here and there or inquiry about their current workload and special events will keep you in tune with your team player's tempo and increase the likelihood of partnership in the future. Vendors, meeting planners, flower delivery guys, old colleagues, you name it!
  • Offer help. You never know when you may need it most, so when you have the time, ask the question. Do you need help?
  • Be proactive. Check in on your team members regularly to see how the planning in their relative department is going. Keep up with your client, too.
  • Pow-wow. Schedule some time just before the event for the key players to come together, meet if they haven't already, discuss the roles they will play in the success of the event, and brainstorm solutions or creative differentiators if necessary.

How do YOU put the "TEAM" in Event?

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