The Excitement of Inauguration Events in Washington, DC!

obamaAs an event planner in Washington, DC, half of the excitement surrounding the 2012 election is fueled by the anticipation of what is to follow in January, come inauguration time. While a handful of receptions, galas and balls have already signed contracts for meeting space at my hotel (I'm sure many hotels can echo that fuzzy statistic), many events are just now becoming definite.

It is at this point in time that the scramble to reserve hotel rooms and meeting space in the city increases exponentially. Room rates will soar as hotels fill up and contract negotiation will heighten. Planners will seek out the finest in decor, props, guest speakers, menus and lighting to set the perfect mood for these rare, yet crucial, events.

When January 20th, 2013 rolls around, the city will be buzzing with final preparations for these events. While it's not anticipated to be quite the spectacular that was 2009, you just never know.

Monitor room rates closely and be prepared for heavy traffic patters and public transit delays. Reserve your space early on and if you have your heart set on a band, exhibit company, or decor piece, secure it as soon as possible. Know that your guests could potentially battle crowds in all venues from door to door and enlist security if necessary to assist with crowd control.

Hang on, planners. Inauguration 2013 could be a wild ride!

Photo: Courtesy Souza

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