The Simple Yet Dynamic Name Badge

One of my favorite clients, a young detail-oriented and thorough meeting planner, shared with me today her strategy for name badges. (After observing a swift, smooth registration process spanning 15 minutes of time for 550 college students, I had to know her secret.)

The name badges, about the size of a note card and plastic in composition, hang from a laynard as most do. The conference name and slogan were pre-printed at the top, with a blank name and college field below. Much like the common "Hello My Name Is" stickers, this badge style allows for the fields to be completed at registration rather than in advance. Not only does this save substantial time during the registration process, (because your name badge does not need to be located) but it also prevents room for spelling errors and allows the participant to list their name as they wish it to read during the conference. We all know that can be a crucial aspect to networking.

While the name and college fields are written in Sharpie, the overall image of the badge remains professional and sturdy.

It gets better! Flip the badge around, and the entire conference agenda was listed. Talk about saving trees, these students don't have to carry around brochures, folders or registration bags stuffed with pages of agendas.

Like a planner in a conference candy shop, I was pretty excited to see this badge!

Give it a go and tell Cvent your success story!

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