Trending Event Venue: Funeral Homes?

funeral homeA new event market may have been tapped in the Midwest recently as couples are discovering that funeral homes are, in fact, acceptable facilities for weddings. It's a non-traditional setting (at least for now), but more and more funeral homes are expanding and remodeling in order to accommodate such business. Not only are these homes increasingly popular for weddings, but also for community meetings, high school proms, holiday parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Consider the ambiance and how much potential these banquet halls really might have.

Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery in Indianapolis, for example, has hosted over a dozen weddings each year. This should come as no surprise given its large Gothic chapel, beautiful garden-view patio and reception hall, all of which are very much conducive to a wedding celebration - just try to forget about the caskets buried in the back lawn.

The benefits of booking a funeral home for your next event? If you think about it, most funeral homes are quite elegant in design and require very little decor. Cozy rooms, antique furniture, spiraling wood staircases and quaint crown molding all contribute to a decorative ambiance. Furthermore, trendy wedding venues are expensive, and this is a great way to tie the knot with a budget and spend your money on more important items. Just keep in mind that availability will be less flexible given the nature of the venue and its intended purpose.

The trend is likely to continue to sweep the nation as traditional wedding venues shut down due to economic forces. Funeral homes are going anywhere. They are every bit as much for the living!

What nontraditional venues have you considered for your events?

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