Planner Smarts: Tweet It, Feed It, Display It

Twitter logoEvery time I passed my hotel's ballroom during this week's conference, I stop and read the Twitter feed that is prominently displayed just near the entrance. Gleaming at the top of an elegantly appointed light truss, lit up in blue hues, is a 52-inch plasma monitor streaming these live tweets. The feed catches the attention of nearly every attendee who enters the ballroom during the General Session.

Talk about social media. Participants are tweeting about the hotel, the conference, the transportation, the guest speakers, the breakout sessions and the host city, among other topics. The visibility of the tweets is bound to be encouraging participation as each guest sees their moment of fame on the big screen.

As evident on this feed, ideas are being generated, the conference is gaining free advertising, excitement is in the air and overall, the conference seems to be a wild success! Conference planners are monitoring the feed, taking note of potential re-tweets and even participating themselves. One of my planners was so pleased with the hotel staff, he's even been tweeting at the hotel.

Social Media Strategies are different before and during your event so you need to plan accordingly. Event planners can leverage social media during their events to maximize the experience for attendees, speakers and sponsors.

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