Why You Should Pick Healthy Hotel Catering Menus

Healthy BreakfastI think I speak for most of us when I say that it's tough to say no to a free doughnut, bagel and schmear, or freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in the workplace. The same goes for the meeting place. After all, you're grounded in one room for the day (or many days), the food is so eloquently displayed, and the agenda tempts you with breaks and meals galore as an escape from Power Point presentations and conference calls. 

Meeting planners, I urge you to put yourselves in the shoes of your hard-working attendees. They have no choice but to eat what you've selected - so capitalize on the opportunity to impress them with meals of a healthy nature. Support strong eating habits and avoid pressuring them to choose between the bacon or the sausage, the cookie or the butter popcorn, and the beef sliders or the bratwurst.

It doesn't have to be hard. In fact,  many hotel chains have already created these special menus for you. Leave the brainstorming to them! For example, Marriott Hotels & Resorts offer "Fit for You" menu options in every meal category. Westin Hotels, of the Starwood family, feature specialty menus that are healthy AND sustainable. Many hotel chefs are creative enough to make it very easy for your guests to say "Yes" to the nutrient-filled snacks and meals. 

Keep this idea top-of-mind when picking your menus for your next meeting. You might even considering surveying your attendees to gauge their temperature prior to the event regarding leaner, healthier buffets and breaks. I do believe that many of your guests will appreciate your effort in contributing to an overall heart-healthy lifestyle - inside of the workplace and out!
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