Your 2011 Meeting Planner Scheduler

Now that 2011 is well under way, it's important as a Meeting Planner to get out your glossy new calendars and make note of all the holidays and special events throughout the year that could affect your planning. Be proactive and therefore knowledgeable of any potential scheduling conflicts. By doing so, you'll avoid hefty cancellation fees, poor attendance, and limited venue availability. Furthermore, your attendees will appreciate not having to choose between their jobs and other religious obligations.

Start with the holidays, and make note of each and every one, regardless of religion. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, and Martin Luther King Day, to name a few. This is the easy part. Next, you'll want to research all the special events taking place throughout the year. They might be National, Global, or local, depending on the scope of your meetings and how they might be affected. Many large events, like Wimbledon or the Final Four, are considered "citywides" and therefore the entire metropolitan areas will be consumed by competitors, spectators, and facilitators. Consequently, prices rise and there is no room at the Inn for you and your annual sales meeting.

Conversely, noting these events on your 2011 scheduler also presents an opportunity for you to plan themed events accordingly. Maybe your meeting is taking place during the Final Four (in a different city), the MLM All-Star game, or the Presidential Inauguration. Use these special events as a focal point during your meeting, planning for related activities, snacks, and trivia to keep your attendees motivated and up-to-date with current happenings.

How are you getting ready for the new year?

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