Job Hunters - You still reserve the right to be picky, even in this market!

Job HunterIt is no secret that event planning jobs are hard to come by these days, but believe it or not, this does not mean you reserve no right to be a little picky.  According to an article written by Jim Houran & Whitney Harper, "employer-employee compatibility must be a two-way street" and before signing your name on the dotted line, it is imperative to ask yourself one critical question: Is this company really a fit for me? 

While returning to the workforce may solve some of your immediate problems, selecting the wrong company to work for can create many problems of its own How will a new job feel if you morally disagree with the way you are asked to conduct business on a daily basis, your values are entirely different from that of your company, or you find there is no opportunity for professional or personal development? I imagine you will find yourself more miserable than you were back in your job hunting days.  

So, how do you find the perfect company to work for in the event planning industry?  Jim Houran & Whitney Harper suggest you ask four questions of your potential employer to gain insight into the company's culture, management style and daily operations. 

1. How does this organization listen to employee feedback? 

2. How does your employee performance evaluation process work? 

3. What opportunities are there for development? 

4. How does this organization reward talent? 

After three incredible years as an event planner for Cvent, I appreciate the value of asking these questions.  While I did not ask these exact questions during my interview process, I did ask similar questions which have resulted in a job I love and the opportunity to work for a company that was just voted one of Washington's Best Places to Work.  

For more information on how these four questions can help you select the ideal company to work for, read the full article.

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