Meeting Innovation: 10 Signs You've Hired the Wrong Conference Speaker

  1. microphoneHe's wearing the same plaid blazer in all 27 photos posted on his website.
  2. The first email you get is from her hotmail account.
  3. When you called to discuss the presentation, his first question was, "What's on the lunch menu?"
  4. When you told her about your organization's "no speaker compensation" policy, she said, "No problem."
  5. When you asked for his Twitter handle, he asked, "What's Twitter?"
  6. You need a forklift to cart her books and tapes into the building.
  7. One of his testimonials starts with "My cousin Vinny is awesome..."
  8. She keeps asking for your PowerPoint template.
  9. His slide deck has more bullets than all three Godfather movies combined.
  10. She's asked that you arrange for her airport limo to arrive seven minutes after the end of her session.
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