5 Cool Apps to Power Up Event Planning

5 Cool Apps to Power Up Your Event Planning DayConference event planners are always on the go, tending to a myriad of last-minute details. Fortunately, there are plenty of other talented folks designing apps to help us buy back more time in our event planning day.

When you're managing dozens of conference events, why work harder when you can work smarter? 

Here are five cool apps to explore:

  1. Google Docs: While I hesitated on a few earlier trial runs, I'm now becoming a Google Docs evangelist. It's an outstanding platform to easily share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You'll enjoy real-time collaboration with teams scattered across the globe. You can set individual permissions for access and even review changes and roll-back to earlier versions. (FREE)
  2. Tungle.me: Event planners are initiating AND invited to attend all kinds of meetings. Often, there's the email volley that precedes the appointment, where everyone checks calendars. Tungle.me eliminates this step, so you can share availability with anyone, without disclosing details of other meetings. It can easily sync up with today's top calendar apps to prevent double booking, too. (FREE)
  3. Rapportive: If you're using Gmail, Rapportive provides a wealth of insight about each contact right in your email box. It's a nifty social CRM tool that brings photos, job descriptions, profiles, and social media updates into one consolidated view. Definitely a fast way to snag something timely to start your email message. (FREE) 
  4. DropBox: Anywhere, anytime access to files in the cloud from your PC, laptop, or smartphone. You're probably using something like this already. If not, give DropBox a try. Fast, easy access and the first 2GB of storage comes free. (FREE + upgrades)
  5. Read It Later: With the social media fire hose blasting away, we're all consuming content at warp speed. This bookmarking tool let's you scoop it up and read it later, even when there's no internet connection. One reading list, everywhere you go! (FREE + upgrades)

Which apps help YOU work smarter?

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