5 Things That Push Conference Attendees Away

No EntryLots of time, money, and collective brain power pours into your conference event marketing and promotions. Still, we're seeing a tactic or two go awry. Sometimes these snags are even pushing potential attendees away.

Here are a few things to avoid, as you map out your conference event promo plan:

  1. Messages from "No Reply"
    You managed to get me to click and I'm even intrigued about your conference content focus. Hmmm... sounds like a pretty cool event, but a burning question just came up. I hit the "reply" button on the email message, but noticed this message will go to "No Reply." FAIL.
  2. Invitations with Generic Contact Info
    Let me get this straight. You sent the email to ME, but you're reluctant to give me YOUR name? This sounds like a Seinfeld episode. Same burning question came up, but now this email is going to XYZConference@... Slightly better than "No Reply," but still a problem. People do business with people. How hard is it to put somebody's name in the reply field? Give yourself bonus points if you include a color photo and direct dial.
  3. Groundhog Day Syndrome
    Some conference event organizers pound away on their mailing lists relentlessly. They send the same message, over and over again. Hmmm... where's that 4-point UNSUBSCRIBE link? FAIL. Granted, we recognize the need to send several rounds of invitations to get the response rate you desire. Highlight something different and intriguing in each message and you'll earn more registration clicks.
  4. Typos
    Sheesh, if you're not investing time to proofread your message, how confident am I that you've invested time in other details? Like securing good speakers, creating a quality experience at the venue, etc. It seems silly to lose points on a lay-up shot like spelling. That said, we're all moving fast and mistakes happen. (Nobody's perfect. PS: I'm working on improving this one, too.)
  5. Too much YOU, Not enough ME
    You're spending too much time telling me about your magnificent organization, your stellar speakers, your delightful conference venue and so on. What about me? I'm out here fighting one fire after another. Put something in your message to convince me that you understand my world and you can help. Convince me that if I come to your event, I'll walk away with meaningful solutions (& connections) to solve MY problems. PS: I'll believe maybe 10% of what you say about your event, but I'll believe 80% of what others say about your event. Include testimonials with color photos.

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