Conference Blogging: Death by Typos

Once upon a typeDuring my morning coffee and Twitter stream scan, I spotted this tweet:

"A few typos, but an awesome read..."

I clicked the link and started reading a whitepaper by three professors at one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions. Turns out the white paper is quite good, but somebody over there needs a proofreader.

When you read something and spot a typo, does it impact your perception of the author? If you spot more than one, do you move on?

In the Twitter example above, these three authors tackled the hard work very well, but I suspect they skimped on an important final step before publishing.

About a month ago, a photo of a sign at a large medical conference hit the social share channels. The headline: APRIL MEETING. The date: Sometime in May. There's one person who learned the typo lesson the hard way. 

We all make mistakes and I've made my fair share, for sure. In today's social world, the editing police are everywhere. (I'm still smarting over confusing a podium with a lectern.) Still, if you respect your readers and want to grow an audience of true-blue followers, you need to strive for near flawless copy. At least from a spelling and grammar perspective.

Sometimes, we're so deep into the writing, even the most obvious things manage to slip by. Make sure there are a second set of eyes proofreading your copy.

PS: I proofread this post three times before I hit the "submit" button and Terri Hardin at Cvent has my back, catching those pesky typos.

(photo by loveleft via Flickr)

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