Creating the Ultimate Linchpin Event

LinchpinIn his bestseller Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, Seth Godin challenges readers to find the genius within. Nobody is a genius 24/7, but there are those sometimes moments when you see the breakthrough idea or solution that others miss.

Godin asserts (wisely) that we're emerging from an era of "do your job" and "follow instructions." Those rules aren't working for us anymore and they don't set the stage for breakthrough discoveries.

In today's world, the better path is to develop skills and attributes that make you indispensable. That make you the Linchpin in your organization.

The Ultimate Linchpin Event

Is your event indispensable? If you were to cancel your annual conference, would your audience be disappointed? Would they even notice? Or would they find other ways to fill the needs once filled by your conference?

Learning, networking and new business leads remain the big three attendance drivers for meetings and events. Is your event the only route to that bonanza? Or could I just Google and eventually get there on my own?

The game has changed. If attendees are going to invest time, money and attention to come to your conference, how will you change their world?

And the bigger question...

What NEW and meaningful thing will you deliver that can't be found anywhere else? 

Keep in mind, this Linchpin stuff takes courage, commitment and time. Linchpins aren't born overnight. They confront and conquer resistance day after day. They're also keen observers and connect deeply with colleagues and customers who matter.

Just by visiting the Cvent blog, you've risen to the ranks of potential Linchpin.

Linchpin experiences are delivered by Linchpin people. Extra-mile players who write their own rules.

Are you up to the challenge?

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