Event Voters: Appeal to the Moderates or the Extremes?

Event VotersWelcome to Super Tuesday.

Politics is a bumpy track. Candidates walk a fuzzy line, where values and beliefs often clash with strategy and spin.

THE CHALLENGE: Appeal to moderates, where audiences are larger, but preferences and decision drivers are less clearly defined and/or inconsistent? Or move to the extremes, where crowds tend to be smaller, but positions are more in lock-step alignment?

Which got me to think about today's conference event audience...

A few questions to ponder:

  • Are attendees applying the same decision criteria today as they did just a few years ago when "electing" to attend your annual conference event?
  • Are they easily swayed by others? When this happens, do they flip-flop or hold firm on decisions about your conference event?
  • When challenged, can they clearly articulate their position and reasons WHY they elect attend your conference event? Or not attend? Or go rogue with a "write-in" choice?
  • Does your conference content and agenda appeal to the moderates, the extremists, or both? How can you be certain? How reliable is your exit polling data?
  • Are "PACs" forming to challenge your event value proposition and platform? Any "lobbyists" trying to woo and gain favor with your A-List attendees?
  • If the media started snooping around social media channels, how many unhappy attendees would they find? How many raving fans would they find?
  • How smooth and seamless are your registration & housing systems? Are they "hanging chad" disasters or smooth, high-tech dreams? How many recounts does it take to get an accurate count on room block fulfillment?

Is it time to have a "Super Tuesday" for event strategies? 

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