From the Twitter Lab: You Are What You Tweet

You Are What You TweetTwitter continues to be an incredible info source for me. At least a couple of times each day, I hop on for a few minutes and scan the Twitter stream for ideas, insight and industry updates. 

Though still testing and perfecting my game, here are a few observations:

  • Lurkers far outnumber Tweeters.
    The Twitter stream moves fast. If you're putting something helpful out there, don't despair if you're not getting retweets. People are listening, lurking and clicking.
  • Go-Givers rule.
    While the stream is loaded with spammy self-promoters (BLOCK), those who provide helpful info earn more eyes, more clicks... and yes, with time, more new business. I've heard many success stories and I have a few of my own.
  • Short, powerful & intriguing headlines catch more eyes (& clicks).
    S. Anthony Iannarino (@iannarino) is outstanding at this. Go read his tweets and learn from the master.
  • Dashboards make you smarter in half the time.
    HootSuite, TweetDeck and Seesmic are three good ones and they're free.
  • Txt Spk Not So Gr8
    Only 140 characters and they go fast. Still, unless you're marketing to millennials, buy a few vowels.
  • Forget 140 characters -- say it in 120.
    You'll be more retweetable.
  • Over-the-top hype is another credibility killer.
    Infomercial speak won't get you the right attention.
  • A dash of humor works wonders.
    Don't overdo it, unless you're a stand-up comic. Then, go all in.
  • Twitter makes me a better writer.
    Twitter is training my brain to think in shorter sound bytes. Crisp, concise and compelling -- that's the ticket.
  • You are what you tweet.
    I just read through my recent tweets. Some are good, while a few others fall short. Keep testing and perfecting. We're all figuring this out together in the Twitter learning lab.

PS: Consume wisely!

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(photo by clevercupcakes via Flickr)

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