Huge Missed Opportunity for Conference Mobile Apps

Mobile AppsThe other day, I was doing a little mobile app housekeeping. As I started removing apps I no longer use, I spotted one for an annual conference I attended a few months ago. I opened it and noticed activity stopped on the final day of the show, which is usually the case with most events.

Still, I couldn't help but wonder:

Why don't we use these apps to stay engaged with conference participants post-event?

Conference organizers are diving into the mobile app pool in record numbers. They create tabs and pages with all kinds of useful information for participants to reference while onsite. Then, as the conference ends, they pack up their tents and the mobile app becomes a dusty artifact.

We're missing a huge opportunity.

When you stop to think about how much time and effort goes into getting people to download our apps in the first place, why wouldn't we capitalize on that precious desktop real estate to grow relationships with our audience? Leveraging that mobile app, we could:

  • Send out post-event notifications and updates.
    This might include links to blog articles, webinar invitations, and even discussion boards where participants can chat with each other about how they're applying what they learned at the conference.
  • "Drip" out session summaries.
    What sessions did these people NOT attend? Imagine if you were to release weekly "Cliffs Notes" type summaries where they could dig in and learn more about what they missed? They could even do a quick refresh on sessions they attended. As you build out this summaries archive, it's a nice value-add to bundle in with membership or registration fees.
  • Share exclusive offers, discounts and teasers.
    People love it when they're part of a "special" group. While this would work well for promoting your own events, there's even more potential to be captured for sponsors. Imagine if your event sponsorship package included the opportunity to post two exclusive offers via your mobile app? Sounds like a win-win for participants AND sponsors.

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